When people think about the dentist, the first thing that comes to mind is pain or an uncomfortable experience. That’s why our team is dedicated to creating only positive experiences for our patients

“Dražin” was founded in 1988 in Novi Sad and has been at the current location since 1999.

Our team’s goal to is to, first of all, educate and motivate our patients about proper oral hygiene and how to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth. Our drive to continually educate ourselves on how to provide the best services for our patients, with as little discomfort as possible, comes from our many satisfied patients.

Our office provides a comfortable environment with modern equipment and a positive ambience. Dr Stevan Dražin is dedicated to educating and training the younger members of our team by passing on the knowledge he has gained over his many years of experience and professional training. Our practice offers you the option of finding the best and safest choice for both the health and esthetics of your teeth.

Our Team

Marina Drazin - Dentist

Marina Dražin


Bachelor’s degree in dentistry in 2010. Interned at the Medical Centre of Novi Sad and took over the “Dražin” dental practice following her internship. Currently enrolled at the University of Novi Sad, specializing in Periodontics and Oral Medicine.

Veselin Masulovic - Dentist

Veselin Mašulović


Bachelor’s degree in dentistry in 2012. Finished his internship at the Medical Centre of Novi Sad. Currently employed at the “Dražin” dental practice. Continues his education through domestic and international professional development seminars.

Stevan Drazin - Oral Surgery Specialist

Stevan Dražin

Oral Surgery Specialist

Completed a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry in 1982. Currently employed at the Medical Centre of Novi Sad. Oral surgery specialty completed in 1999. A member of the Serbian department of Oral-surgical department of Serbia.

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We have a lengthy tradition of providing our patients with quality services at competitive prices in order to maintain their faith in us. Our large number of loyal patients confirms that.

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